Electric power distribution network and telecommunications of the Utako District, Abuja - Nigeria

The Utako District is one of the second phase urban development areas of Abuja,  new Nigerian Capital. The total area to be developed extends over 360 ha. The electrical distribution, the street lighting system and the ducting for telecommunications are part of the wider complex of urban works in this area.

Electrical Distribution and Street Lighting System

The design provides the construction of 1 Electric substation 33-11 KV with a power transformer of 30 MVA and of 34 Electric substation 11-0,415 KV with a power transformer 500 KVA each.
The plots power distribution have a total length of 58067 m.
The PVC ducts (1 pipe, 2 or 4 parallel pipes) have a total length of 1601 m.
The street lighting cables have a total length of 96704 m.
The poles for street lighting are a total of 1496 and they could be double arms (with a height of 12.00 m) or single arm (with a height of 8.00 m and 5.00 m).
The kiosk street lighting are a total of 20.
The kiosk houses & buildings are 80.



They are divided into ducts 4/8/12/16/20/24 ways for a total length of 48909 m.

Utako District - see also:

Preliminary study and tender documents (1992), preliminary design (1994) and final design (1997-2000) for the Arab Contractors Osman Ahmed Osman & Co. Nigeria Ltd / Federal Capital Development Authority ( F.C.D.A. ) - Nigeria.