ICEC GROUP - International Civil Engineering Consultants - is the international mark under which various consulting companies operate independently in some countries in the world from 1980 for the realization of civil engineering works; moreover they work locally in collaboration with independent specialized professionals in different fields.

The connections between the various companies of the group and between these and the individual specialized professionals are decided for each job on the basis of an optimization study of the nature, timing and cost of the project.
This method of collaboration assures a high specialization with constant updating of the building technology and design methods together with a great operative flexibility and an optimal utilization of the work forces.

This has always permitted to reach high levels in the content and accuracy of the design with consequent technical-economic benefits for the Client.
The services offered by ICEC GROUP include but are not limited to: 
  • Pre-investment and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and final designs
  • Supervision of construction works
  • Technical assistance and consulting services during the construction stages
  • Technical assistance, consulting services and non-destructive testing for structural restoration
  • Bridge and road management.