Bridge & Road management

Consultancy Engineering Services for the implementation of a National Bridge Management Information System for the bridges along the entire Federal Road Network of Nigeria.

The bridges along the entire Federal Road Network were inventoried and stored in a database. A more detailed on-site survey was carried out on bridges in Kano and Lagos States. This information was used to calibrate maintenance strategy and budget estimate performed with the software implemented by the Consultant.

The software is essentially a support tool in planning inspections, maintenance works or rehabilitation/upgrading works contingent upon funds availability applying Multi-Criteria Analysis.

The scope of work consists mainly in:
  • A general data base of the existing bridges in Nigeria
  • An inventory based on a visual inspection
  • Detailed topographical survey of the existing bridges in Lagos and Kano States
  • A software for the bridge management system implemented following the Client’s request
  • The results of non-destructive test campaign on a pilot project.



Engineering design (2010-2012) for Federal Ministry of Works (F.M.W.) - Nigeria.