Design of two pedestrian bridges along Lagos Abeokuta Expressway - Nigeria

The two pedestrian bridges are located along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway at CH.4+245.00 (Dopemu) and at CH.5+900.00 (Iyana Ipaya).

Pedestrian bridge at Dopemu has two spans, 20.25 m and 24.26 m in length, and two double stair flights. Decks are composed by precast concrete beams 17.20 m long and by prestressed precast concrete beams 21.20 m long. Each pier is composed by a square precast piercap 3.80 m of side and one circular column by 800 mm of diameter.

Pedestrian bridge at Iyana Ipaya has two spans, 17.25 m in length each, double stair flights, decks and access ramps for disabled people. Piers are with single column as for Dopemu or with two circular columns by 800 mm of diameter and cast in situ rectangular piercap.

The thickness of the precast deck slab of the pedestrian bridges is 0.10 m and the total width of the decks is 2.60 m. The pier foundations consist of reinforced concrete rafts.


Preliminary and final design (2013-2014) for Borini-Prono Ltd - Nigeria