Structural investigation campaign on a flyover bridge in Zaria along the Kaduna-Kano road - Nigeria

The flyover bridge consists of a continuous girder with three spans. The deck is composed by 5 post-tensioned concrete beams. The bridge has on overall length of 48.40 m. The central span is 25.00 m long while lateral spans are 11.70 m long. Total deck width is 10.30 m.

The central span has been damaged by the fire caused by a vehicle parked on the road below the bridge.

Non-destructive tests (thermographic surveys, TDR tests, ultrasonic tests, rebound number tests, carbonation tests, magnetometric surveys, rockwell hardness tests) and static load testing have been carried out on reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structural elements of the bridge damaged by fire, with the aim of identifying mechanical properties of the materials and any significant state of degradation.



Final design (2008) for Contractors Borini Prono Nigeria Ltd - Nigeria.