Structural assessment of Ososo River bridge at Auchi – Nigeria

Technical inspection and non-destructive tests have been carried out on the existing structural elements of the Ososo bridge to be completed at Auchi with the aim of assessing the structural integrity and soundness before continuing the construction.

A diagnostic campaign has been executed, consisting in the following activities:

  • geometrical survey and visual inspection;
  • evaluation of pile length, by means of low strain integrity tests (echo tests);
  • reinforcing survey, by means of magnetic tests;
  • evaluation of the mechanical properties of concrete, by means of non destructive testings and compressive laboratory testing on cores;
  • evaluation of mechanical properties of reinforcing, by means of tensile laboratory testing on bar specimens.

Sonic echo tests have been conducted on piles, with access from the lateral side of the pile, in order to by-pass the massive pier cap and have better results.




Non-destructive testing and report of findings (2012) for SETRACO Nigeria Ltd.