Structural investigation campaign on Ijora-Apapa flyover in Lagos - Nigeria

Structural investigation campaign on a burnt section and rehabilitation design of Ijora-Apapa flyover in Lagos.

The flyover was severely damaged by fire in February 2007.
The damage is localized at one span of the flyover bridge and the affected structures are one of the two main decks, the 7.00 m wide ramp leading to the Nigerian navy Dockyard and the piers.
The main deck, which has a width of 8.00 m, and the ramp consist of simply supported spans with Gerber hinges. 
Each deck consists of No. 4 precast pre-stressed concrete beams with post-tensioned tendons.
Beams are connected to each other by means of a reinforced concrete upper slab.
The ramp consists of a pre-stressed reinforced concrete box girder with rectangular cross-section. Piers are in reinforced concrete.

Non-destructive tests and static load testing have been carried out on reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structural elements of the bridge damaged by fire, with the aim of identifying the mechanical properties of the materials and any significant state of degradation.


Non-destructive testing and engineering design (2011) for Federal Ministry of Works (F.M.W.) - Nigeria.